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My name is Noah Cail and I was born in Peterborough, NH. Overall I enjoy hanging out with family and friends because it has always been common for my whole family to come together often throughout the year. My direct family consists of my father named Scott, my mother named Nancy, my sister Abby and my brother Max. I like to play sports in my free time, especially basketball and soccer, but I’ll really play anything as long as it's fun and competitive. I also love to ski and have been out west to Colorado and Utah for it and can’t wait to get back out there sometime in the future.

Currently I am a marketing major with a minor in professional sales and I have a love for the technology industry. The way things are constantly evolving in the tech world has always both amazed and interested me. Working with technology is normally easier for me than most people as well as more fun. Professional sales is another big interest of mine because of the opportunities it has opened up for me such as competing in the International Collegiate Sales Competition at Florida State University. This competition focused on a consultative selling process, which got me interested in consulting as a whole as well. These are the two fields I hope to get into as I graduate and if I am able to work in the technology industry as well I am sure the experience will be even better.

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